A former Bosnian Croat General has just died, according to Croation media, after taking what appears to be poison in court.

The 72-year-old Slobodan Praljak was one of six different generals that were charged in 2013. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

“Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal. I am rejecting your verdict with contempt,”

he shouted before swallowing a liquid in a glass vial, believed to be poison.

The judge suspended the proceedings and frantically called for an ambulance and the curtains to be lowered. An ambulance was later seen arriving on the scene.

Praljak was tried and convicted of crimes against humanity, failing to act on information of murders being planned, rounding up Muslims, attacks on members of international organizations, and the destruction mosques.

I don’t know enough information when it comes to the crimes he is being charged for or the war that he was a part of, and so I’d rather not speak on the morality of this man just yet.

All I know is that when someone deliberately kills themselves after being sentenced for crimes against humanity, rejecting the title of “war criminal,” then perhaps that person knew they were not all that innocent