At around 5 a.m. on Tuesday, residents of the Seminole Heights neighborhood reported hearing gunshots.

In between Oct. 9 and the 19th three others were shot within a mile of Seminole Heights.

“I know the big question’s going to be: Is this related to the other Seminole Heights murders?” interim Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said at a news conference. “And right now we are treating it as though it is related until we can rule otherwise.”

No one has released if there is evidence or forensics that ties the first three shootings together, or if they are linked only by location.

“We need folks to think about everything they heard last night and everything they saw this morning,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said during a news conference. “We need to catch this killer before we have to notify one more family that their loved one is dead.”

With everything going on it makes sense that the residents are fearful.

“It’s been a very rough couple of months,” Seminole Heights resident Renee Campbell told The Washington Post. “We’ve had to change all of our patterns, if you will. We don’t walk the dog anymore twice a day. We don’t sit outside as much as we used to. We used to sit on the front porch and chat after dinner. Now we do it in the back yard, if we go out at all.”

The police department is looking for any and all leads to help them find the suspect.

“This has got to stop,” Buckhorn told the news conference. “We will hunt this person down until we find him.”

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