Alcohol withdrawal is a very serious issue; it is a life-threatening condition for those who suffer from alcoholism. Going on a long stretch of time, consistently drinking for weeks, months or even years and then immediately deciding to stop drinking cold turkey or drastically cut back can have serious and deadly side effects.

Symptoms of Alcohol withdrawal include: anxiety, shaky hands, nausea, vomiting, headache, heavy sweating, insomnia, seizures, hallucinations, fever, high blood pressure, racing heart, confusion and delirium tremens, better yet known as the DT’s.

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to detox from; it is highly suggested to seek medical assistance throughout the entire process of detoxing. As withdrawal from Alcohol progresses it can become life threatening because of the toll that it has taken on you both physically and mentally.

The body becomes accustomed to Alcohol, and that without it, the body struggle’s to adjust to not having a certain level of alcohol in its system.

A medically assisted detox is the safest way to come off of Alcohol, because it is set up to ensure your safety. You will be monitored by professionals to make sure your health isn’t going on a downward spiral due to major withdrawal effects.

Luxury settings for those suffering from an alcohol addiction, who are engaging in the detox process, are highly recommended due to the discomfort that will be felt throughout the detox process.

Luxury settings are similar to medical assisted detox centers but are not considered a hospital setting like a medical assisted detox facility.

There are also outpatient treatment programs available for detoxing from alcohol as well. These places are beneficial for those who are transitioning back into day to day life without drinking Alcohol.

If the severity of one’s drinking only got them to experience minor withdrawal symptoms, then an outpatient treatment could be considered. But if someone is experiencing major withdrawal symptoms, such as hallucinations or tremors, they would be better off going to either a setting involving medical assistance, or a luxury detox facility.

This is why it is highly recommended to attend detox at an inpatient or luxury facility, as it provides the safest and most comfortable way to come off of Alcohol. Although it is possible to detox by yourself or at home, it is highly recommended not to do so.

There are many ways to get through the normal symptoms of sickness such as a cold, cough, headache or nausea, but when it comes to Alcohol withdrawal, it is important to make sure that before committing. You need to put your health first and make sure that you participate in the appropriate treatment.

Above all, to detox from Alcohol is all about safety. There are more than enough resources involving different treatments that are there to be used for those who are concerned with how to detox from drinking.

To make the point clear, detoxing from Alcohol will never be a comfortable situation and it is recommended to have medical supervision and monitoring throughout the process. It is possible, but not recommended, to detox at home, but being under medical supervision is your best bet. Any place you go will make sure you are as comfortable and as safe as possible.