As I write this I’m going to keep the words of one of my contributors in mind:

“Don’t turn a personable blog  into a diary entry.”

You guys can let me know how well I do with that.

I like to keep my writing more informational, but I recently learned a lesson that has been ingrained in our heads most of, if not all of, our lives.

He won’t give you more than you can handle.

Notice I didn’t say God, that’s not because I’m not a believer, it’s so even those who don’t believe can follow this as well. He can be the universe or a God of your own understanding. Hell, it could even be your parents.

Some Background

Recently, I’ve been going through a rough time financially. Like many others, I took the path of a college degree and student loans and my chickens came home to roost.

As a typical millennial,  up to this point, I hadn’t put much thought into budgeting. On the brink of pulling out all of my hair, I set down to write out my finances. Somehow I had gotten myself into a hole when I should have no problem paying my bills.

Without getting into too many personal details, there was a lot of other stressors going on in my life as well.

How He Helped

When I was at my ropes end, I realized that I was trying to handle it all alone and I simply don’t have the patience within myself for that.

I prayed.

I prayed for the peace of mind, knowing that I have done everything I could. I prayed for the ability to see something that would help that I might have missed. And above all else, I thanked Him for everything that I had.

Then something amazing happened, things started to fall into place.

My mom sent me some money to help tide me over until I got paid, without me asking her. Shes just awesome like that. Then the next morning I found out the part I needed to fix my transmission was covered by the dealer.

Still, when the next thing went wrong, I wanted to be stubborn and figure it out on my own.

Stress crying on the way to work I got an inspirational morning text from a friend.


I pulled over, looked up and said: “Okay, okay, I get it.”

I was afraid to ask for help, even though I knew there were people (mainly my wonderful mother) who could help me.

So that’s what I did.

I’m still not is a super soild place, but I’m well on the way. Looking back, every time I was in a little too deep than what I could handle, I got a reprieve.

Whether it was from my mom, praying or what some might see as dumb luck, when too much was too much, some was taken off my plate. He pushed me further than I thought I could go, then gave me a break when I truly needed it.

As Desiray wrote on The Devotion Cafe‘ “For he knows if he follows God’s will for His life he can’t go wrong, but if he follows his own path in life he knows he is going to have many troubles in life.”