Your Little Sister’s Productions recently released its first short film on YouTube. Blind Date premiered on August 5 and is worth every second of its 17 minute 5 second run time.

It stars Laura Zitar, who is also a co-founder of the production company, along side of Kelton White – in a tale of two star crossed lovers who are ironically set up on a blind date with each other.

I know, it sounds like a corny rom-com, but the duo of  Taia Joy Flake, director and co-founder of Your Little Sister’s Productions, and Zitar pull it off beautifully.

The cinematography does a wonderful job of showing how without each other Coral and Torin’s lives are gray and lackluster.

As the story unfolds, you get a realistic view of how as time moves on the things you once found endearing about a person can turn into the very thing that drives you a part. Even the most perfect couple can be torn apart if they can’t figure out how to remember what is really important.

Blind Date will have you rooting for Coral and Torin to look past these flaws and realize that true love is worth the wait.

Your Little Sister’s Productions has a bright future ahead of it. Blind Date has already been chosen for an exclusive viewing in Phoenix, Arizona, and will be submitted to there Worldwide Women’s Film Festival.