Cocaine is a well-known drug that has been around long enough to bring the world of addiction into a downward spiral of an epidemic during the 1980s. It still holds a reputation of being one of the most dangerous and notorious drugs of the known world. Cocaine is considered to be a party drug and is recreationally used by many, who see it as being socially acceptable. Unfortunately, this can cause many to become dependent or addicted to the substance.

There are two different forms of Cocaine: a white powder used for snorting or getting liquefied down and injecting into a vein, or a form of rock, better known as Crack Cocaine, used for smoking or injecting. Both forms have extreme addictive properties and make those that participate in the usage susceptible to addiction.

A Cocaine high is a short-lived euphoria; it send’s high levels of dopamine into parts of your brain that control pleasure. This provides a rush of many pleasurable feelings such an increase of energy or a boost of confidence. Some people may have a different experience with Cocaine that is negative like paranoia, anger or irritability. No matter what effect it may have on an individual, the need to use more becomes apparent.

The reason why Cocaine is so addicting is that many find themselves craving the effects produced by Cocaine more and more once the drug wears off or if there is no more to consume. The crash from Cocaine is quick and hard, with many sleeping for days afterward. After this, they will experience a desire to feel the high again, seeking more and falling victim to their uncontrollable desires.

Cocaine addiction will push those who are addicted to literally go to any length to get their hands on more Cocaine to use whether it be outside of there moral code or belief system just so they can temporarily be relieved from the cravings to use.

Withdrawing from Cocaine is just as severe from withdrawing from any other drug; there are both physical and phycological symptoms to withdrawing from Cocaine. Usually, someone withdrawing from Cocaine will feel anxiety, headaches, lack of energy, severe cravings, sexual trouble and suffer from angry outbursts.

There are much more severe issues that come from withdrawing from Cocaine such as loss of smell, trouble swallowing bowel decay, convulsions, seizures, heart attack, stroke, lung damage, Hepatitis, and HIV. Unfortunately, the symptoms of withdrawal are not the only repercussions that will come from being Cocaine addicted. Cocaine use can lead to many severe consequences such as job loss, legal issues, loss of family, bankruptcy or even death.

For those who suffer from Cocaine addiction, there are many resources that can help. There are many rehabs and fellowships, such as Cocaine Anonymous, that will help those recover from a drug that has the potential to take lives. It is an underestimated statement to say that Cocaine is a party drug that can be used without any risk at all. It has always, and forever will be one of the most addictive drugs’s the world.