What is it?

It’s explained in a little more detail in the Grabba Detox: Day 1 post, but the Grabba Detox is essentially: a gallon of water a day, and six 16 oz juices.

Grabba Green offers it for up to three days, I’m doing all three and writing reviews each day.

My Day: 2

Day two of the Grabba Detox started out wonderful. I woke up and had so much energy, which anyone who knows me knows that’s not typical. I don’t get energy until after a cup of coffee and a Monster – after 10 a.m..

The morning continued great, until about 1 p.m.. That’s when I started to get really hungry. As you guys know day one I didn’t feel hungry at all.

Full disclosure, this is also when I noticed I wasn’t drinking as much water as I was yesterday so that could have something to do with the hunger today.

I now know that my least favorite juice is Love (yes, I see the irony there) or as I have fondly nicknamed it “Sweet Dirt”.

Love consists of beets, apples, and lemons. And let me tell you the beet is unforgiving.

Another difficulty I faced today stemmed from my amazing boyfriend. We live together, and he is not doing the Grabba Detox with me. Yesterday he just made Raman noodles, no temptation there. But today, he turned into Chef Ramsey making the most delicious smelling hamburgers with little bits of bacon and drizzled with cheese.

My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Needless to say, that did not help my hunger pains. I Gave him a glare as I grabbed my Spicy Lemonade out of the fridge and watched him demolish not one but three burgers.

Two days down, one to go.