What it Is

So like many of us, I’m trying to become more healthy. Going to the gym, eating better, all of the typical stuff.

My coworkers and I frequent Grabba Green about once a week, after tossing it around in my head for awhile I decided to do the three-day juice detox that it offers.

It consists of two elixirs, one in the morning and one at night; and six juices, one every two hours. It’s is also suggested that you drink 1 gallon of water each day.

What I’m Expecting

I’m not exactly sure, the last detox I did was the maple syrup, cayenne pepper one and I didn’t last very long. However, with the amount of liquid and juices I’ll be drinking I don’t think I’ll be very hungry at all.

No caffeine might be pretty hard for me though, I’m a big fan of coffee and monsters but we will see.

While weight loss is not the main component of how Grabba Green advertises the detox I am expecting that it will help with weight loss.

My Day:1

I picked up my juices at around 8 in the morning, for my elixirs, I chose Slim and Defend. I was surprised at how spicy Slim is, cayenne pepper is no joke. It wasn’t unbearable but it did catch me off guard.

I decided to split my water up so I’m drinking 25 oz every two hours, I fill up my water bottle when I grab my juice. Like I expected, throughout the day I was never hungry. Between the water and the 16 oz juices, my stomach was very full.

Unfortunately so was my bladder.

On the plus side, I didn’t have to go on walks because my Fitbit was getting plenty of steps with me waddling back and forth to the bathroom.

All and all, day one flew by pretty quickly and was fairly easy. Driving home from work, I thought about all of the food that I couldn’t eat as I was passing restaurants and fast food places, but I wasn’t actually hungry.

I have to be honest, I did cheat a little at home. I had two hand fulls of popcorn that my boyfriend’s mother brought me from Chicago. I couldn’t resist, but as far as cheating goes, a little popcorn isn’t too bad.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m almost half way through the detox.