Congratulations, another Valentine’s Day has come and went and you have survived. It may feel like the worst thing in the world to be alone, or not get the gift you wanted – but Valentine’s Day is more nefarious than you might have thought it was.

We aren’t even talking about the origins, which depending on what you believe comes from one of three saints who became martyrs or the people trying to Christianize the Pagan festival Lupercalia.

Whichever story you believe actually started this holiday is irrelevant; There are many more sinister modern-day stories to talk about.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, the first round of the 400m at the London 2012 Olympic Game

The South African Olympic runner, who was nicknamed the “blade runner” because of his prosthetic legs, was charged with manslaughter for killing his girlfriend in the middle of the night on Valintine’s Day.

That charge was later overturned and he was given the harsher charge of murder.

Pistorius held to his innocence, claiming that he thought his girlfriend was an intruder. The prosecution denied this claim by explaining how his girlfriend was in the bathroom down the hall with the door closed. Neighbors also said that they heard Pistorius and his girlfriend arguing before the gunshots.

At the time of the shooting, he was not wearing his prosthetics. His lawyer argued that he woke up at 4 A.M on the 14th in a dark house and hearing strange noises. He jumped out of bed to protect himself and his girlfriend, who he believed to be sleeping next to him. He was off balance and a little more nerve wrecked because of his inability to move as easily due to him not having his prosthetics on, and he shot multiple times into the bathroom.

The charge was changed to murder because the appeals judge believed that Pistorius should have known that firing a gun multiple times into the bathroom would result in someone’s death regardless of who that person was.

Dawn Dixon-Bey

Judge John McBain sentences Dawn Dixon-Bey in the death of Gregory Stack. Photo from

After moving into their new apartment on Valentine’s Day, Dawn Dixon-Bey stabbed her boyfriend multiple times, resulting in his death.

Her lawyers argued that it was self-defense, stating that her boyfriend, Gregory Stack, was violent and short tempered when he drank and Dixon-Bey was afraid for her life.

The medical examiner testified that he was most likely lying down when he was stabbed and there were no defensive wounds found; leading to the belief that Stack was most likely sleeping when the attack took place.

Over the course of the trial, around 20 witnesses were called to the stand, multiple stating that they had heard Dixon-Bey threaten to stab Stack in the past.

Some news outlets such as WLNS reported that the prosecution claimed that she had stabbed him (possibly four different times) before.

Kissing on Camera

A couple of jewel thieves took a break from robbing a store in order to make out. Picture from

Not all Valintine’s Day crimes are murders, this couple decided to break into a jewelry store.

While burglarizing the place the couple kept stopping to kiss, getting caught on the security camera multiple times.

According to the owner They were amateurs because apart from the cash, they did not take anything of value. There were cameras and laptop computers and smartphones and they left it all behind because they were so busy kissing.”