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Drug Rehab San Jose is Focused on Serving its Community

After moving to its new location, Drug Rehab San Jose is excited and ready to continue to help its community receive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Originally located at Gateway Place, it is now at: 2880 Zanker Road Suite 203 San Jose California 95134.
Drug Rehab San Jose felt that the move would allow the employees to better serve those who are struggling with substance abuse.

“I liked our old location, but this one is a lot better. We can do so much more, help so many more where we are now,” said Daniel Shaw, Chief Program Officer at Drug Rehab San Jose.

Helping people who need treatment in the best way possible is Drug Rehab San Jose’s main goal. Accordingly, this is why it has specialized treatment for each individual that walks in the door.

Treatment can come in the form of inpatient or outpatient and both can be customized. It feels that quality treatment can help someone addicted find hope again.

“The feeling of hopelessness can be a hard thing to get over, we want to show people that recovery is possible for everyone. There is always hope,” Shaw said.

Moving to the new location will allow Drug Rehab San Jose the ability to hire more employees, giving them a faster response to the phone lines, which in turn will make admissions easier and allow them more time to answer any questions someone has about getting treatment for themselves or their loved ones.

The new facility and more employees will also mean more time with the clients to figure out exactly what they need to make treatment the most productive.

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